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Organic social media reach

Quality content is the way to their hearts and, therefore, their wallets. Content speaks of your credibility, it ranks well in search and builds trust in your audience. Hiring freelance content writers or training your own employees in this skill, is a very worthy investment.


Organic social media reach

For small businesses, paying for social media promotion can be overwhelming, considering their limited budgets. However, a clever combination of organic reach and paid ads can be the way to go. In fact, organic social media is plummeting because users are in search for engaging content and not sales pitches.

We could say that social media has its own search engine optimization (SEO) which puts its focus on positive user experience. Some of the ways to make Facebook and other platforms work for you is to focus on the platform more relevant for your target demographics, ask the audience for their opinion, analyze your shared content, take a hint from your competitors, post evergreen content, target the audience for every post, post during slow hours, post images and videos, and balance the useful and promotional content.


Email marketing is the forefather of all digital marketing and the descendant of door-to-door marketing. As such, it is ever-present in the small business promotion, even though many marketing mages tried to bury it.